The CGRG Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology is a searchable database dedicated to identifying publications and presentations describing the practice and application of geomorphology in Canada. Included are 26,000 records related to the fields of aeolian, applied, coastal, fluvial, glacial, hillslope, karst, periglacial, permafrost and offshore geomorphology. The database also includes records describing Canadian Quaternary/Holocene environments and a substantial body of records related to Canadian hydrology.

    NOTE: Additions to the bibliography ceased in 2014. It is being maintained as an archival source only.


    The Author field is case sensitive, so searching for milton would match Hamilton, but not Milton. To search for articles by a specific primary author, precede their name with a caret, as in ^Laroque.

    The Title and Source fields are not case sensitive, but match entire strings. So canadian JOurnal of forest Research would match the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, but canadian journal forest research would not.

    The Keywords field will match multiple keywords. It searches every field in the database, including the abstract field.

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The contents of the CGRG Bibliography are archived by Dan Smith and the CGRG search engine is maintained by the UVTRL